The eMarket is intended to support match making between stakeholders like suppliers of recovered nutrients and potential end-users looking for secondary raw materials and products. It is a non-commercial platform to facilitate the market development for secondary nutrients. Therefore, it is not a real market. Use and participation are free of charge with information/content given on voluntarily base.

With regards to long term sustainability beyond the duration of P-REX as a project, the eMarket has been directly incorporated into the website of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP).

The eMarket has been developed within the EU FP7 funded project P-REX (contract no. 308645) and was shaped by many stakeholders in and outside the P-REX project. Special thanks go to the LaVerbe team for the excellent cooperation and visualization of the many ideas we came up with.

Since the eMarket is not a commercial market, any claims that might be related to its existence, actuality and use are excluded. We cannot be made responsible for the contents and their actuality provided by users.

Let’s make nutrient recovery and recycling happen!

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